Your Luggage: Go Lightweight, Save Fees

Luggage stacked up in airport terminal
Having lightweight luggage is a must, and not only for your comfort.  All the numbers from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics have been tallied for 2012 and it looks like the airlines collected a record amount of fees (here’s a recap of the AP article ).  Good for them.

In order for the airlines to stay profitable in the face of exorbitant fuel costs, that they must find creative ways to bring in revenue.

It seems that there’s a certain ticket price threshold that, when reached, travelers will simply choose not to fly.  Instead of crossing this psychological line, airlines make up the difference by charging all sorts of fees.  ‘Ancillary revenue’ is what they call these, I believe. And, in 2012, these fees added up for you and I.

Nothing new – there are airline fees for everything these days. Fees for checked bags, preferred seats, changing reservations, the ability to skip security lines and for better meals on-board.  They have gotten creative, and found ways to get around the profit hit from high fuel costs.

But as consumers, we need to get creative too, and look for ways to save money when we travel.

A good place to start is making sure that you have good lightweight luggage.  Less bag weight means more room for your stuff.  And luggage manufacturers have really answered the call in recent years, with new materials that are both lightweight and durable.  Here are 3 good lightweight luggage picks.

So, when buying new luggage, think lightweight, because every ounce counts.