Why I like TravelPro® luggage so much

TravelPro LogoThis blog is all about value;  getting the best quality, most durable,  lightweight luggage for the money.  More often than not, TravelPro® makes luggage that fits that bill.

When I review a piece of luggage, I’m looking for certain things:

  • How functional is this bag:  is it the right size for my needs, does it have the necessary pockets (inside and out),  can I attach other bags to it or stack them, 
  • How comfortable is it: do the handles feel good in my hand, is the telescoping handle the right height for me, how about shoulder straps
  • What’s the quality like:  does it have a sturdy feel, are the seams, zippers and handles constructed well, and how about the wheels – are they made of a quality,molded material and attached to the bag well?
  • Does the luggage look nice – depending on my needs, is this a bag that I’d be proud to carry – after all, looks do count!
  • What do other people say about this luggage – reputation counts and the opinions of people who’ve purchased count big with me.
  • Is the luggage a good value – am I getting my money’s worth?

I happen to be a consumer that appreciates quality and is willing to pay for it – to a point.  I’m not a particularly trendy person, preferring things that endure for more than  few years.  That being said, I like my luggage to look and feel current;  I want pockets for all my electronics,  the latest in wheel construction and the most durable, lightweight materials.

TravelPro makes luggage for someone just like me.  And. I love their history; in 1978, a Northwest Airlines pilot actually invented the first Rollaboard luggage and ushered in the age of rolling luggage.  Today, TravelPro is known for luggage that is the choice of flight crews and frequent travelers.

And, the prices are reasonable for the quality and feature that you get.  TravelPro has several different lines to choose from , but I think their flagship line, the TravelPro Crew 9 is an awesome value.  If lightweight luggage is what you want, then try the Maxlite 2 series.  Both can be had for under $200.

I like TravelPro as a brand because they make a dependable product that’s nice looking, reasonably priced and well-made.  And judging from the hundreds and hundreds of positive user reviews, I’m not the only one who feels this way.


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