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Buying Discontinued Luggage is a Great Way to Save

Buying Discontinued Luggage is a Great Way to Save

Did you know that the very best luggage deals around are for ‘last years model’?  It seems that buying luggage is a bit like buying cars from that respect- there are actually model years.  Who knew…

The major luggage manufacturers update their lines each year for color choices, features that sell (and for features that don’t), as well as any new technology or material upgrades.  The better manufacturers will also incorporate customer review comments, suggestions and preferences.  They will then sell last year’s version until the inventory runs out.

If you’re not the type of consumer who absolutely needs this year’s version or color tweak, it’s a great chance to get that quality bag at a substantial discount.  And unlike buying a car, who is really going to know that you have discontinued luggage?

Quality luggage manufacturers like TravelPro, Briggs & Riley and Tumi will often offer this inventory on giants like and at discounts of 20% and more.

While these bags aren’t specifically labeled ‘discontinued’ or ‘manufacturer closeout’, you can find them by specifically typing the full name of the luggage line when searching within Amazon.  For example, typing  ‘Briggs & Riley Transcend’  will return all B&R luggage in the Transcend line.  It will be easy to distinguish this year’s model (more expensive) from that which is being phased out (less expensive).  Sometimes, there is even a version number (Transcend 2 vs. Transcend 3).

Some good deals right now on closeouts for some very high quality bags:





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