Buying Luggage Online Should be Simple

Shopping online is a great way to buy luggage.  The only problem? It can be time-consuming because there's just so many choices.

Can't someone just sort it all out and give me the best choices?

That's what The Luggage Lady is all about - I do the research, summarize all the user reviews and select the best options. You just choose.  So read my picks, browse the buyers guide or just jump in and start shopping!


Why I like TravelPro® luggage so much

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TravelPro LogoThis blog is all about value;  getting the best quality, most durable,  lightweight luggage for the money.  More often than not, TravelPro® makes luggage that fits that bill.

When I review a piece of luggage, I’m looking for certain things: (more…)

Independence Day 2013 – my quick reflection

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Luggage with American Flag TagI love the quiet, the peace that descends upon our nation on the 4th of July.  Granted, it’s a national holiday, so everyone’s off from work and many begin their summer vacations this week, so it’s naturally a less busy day.

But there’s a special feeling in the air on Independence Day.  A collective pause, an unspoken acknowledgement of the greatness of our land, and a bond that seems to be palpable between us all that we are part of something very special.  I love that.

If you’re celebrating today, travelling this weekend at all – enjoy and be safe.  I for one will wake up this 4th of July with the same feeling I have for years – one of deep gratitude and love for our great United States!

5 tips for getting rid of that ‘new luggage smell’

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Luggage Air FreshenersWhat do you do when you open up your brand new luggage and it stinks like crazy?  It seems like  so many products that contains plastic have an issue with odor these days.  I just returned a new coffee maker because I couldn’t get rid of the plastic ‘taste’. Yuck. Anyway…

It’s really a problem with luggage because your clothes can be locked up tight with the smell for hours on end.  Who wants to arrive at their vacation or business trip, and pull underwear out of their luggage that smells like a plastics factory?

I combed the web looking for some of the best tips and tricks for getting rid of the plastic smell.  Here they are: (more…)

Summer travelers you’re bound to recognize

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Tourists Crossing - Klaymation via FlickrCC

Tourists Crossing – Klaymation via FlickrCC

Summer’s here and that means everyone’s hitting the road for vacation.  And if you’re an astute people-watcher, you’ll recognize right away the types of travelers that Peter Greenberg is referring to in his latest blog post:  the annoying, ugly, whining, partying and silly ones.

Can’t wait for Peter’s promised post on the 10 worst people you can sit next to on a plane –  after my most recent overseas trip, I could definitely be a contributor to this discussion.

No need to say more – enjoy the laugh!

Your Luggage: Go Lightweight, Save Fees

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Luggage stacked up in airport terminal
Having lightweight luggage is a must, and not only for your comfort.  All the numbers from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics have been tallied for 2012 and it looks like the airlines collected a record amount of fees (here’s a recap of the AP article ).  Good for them.

In order for the airlines to stay profitable in the face of exorbitant fuel costs, that they must find creative ways to bring in revenue. (more…)

The Best Luggage Deals are…

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Buying Discontinued Luggage is a Great Way to Save

Buying Discontinued Luggage is a Great Way to Save

Did you know that the very best luggage deals around are for ‘last years model’?  It seems that buying luggage is a bit like buying cars from that respect- there are actually model years.  Who knew…

The major luggage manufacturers update their lines each year for color choices, features that sell (and for features that don’t), as well as any new technology or material upgrades.  The better manufacturers will also incorporate customer review comments, suggestions and preferences.  They will then sell last year’s version until the inventory runs out. (more…)

What qualifies as Lightweight Luggage these days?

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lightweight luggage, dog, carry-on,

Everyone’s Looking for Lightweight Luggage these days

Lightweight is a popular word with luggage manufacturers these days, and with good reason. Airline checked bag fees are steep, so consumers are demanding lighter bags to ensure they don’t get charged.

The truth is,  luggage is getting lighter these days. New plastic and nylon yarns are on average 35% lighter than materials used not even 4 years ago.  And the use of molded polycarbonate plastic in both soft-shell bags ( as the frame) and hardside luggage (as the whole body) has been nothing short of revolutionary for lightening up luggage.

But, with almost every bag marketed as lightweight (or even ultra-lightweight), how are you supposed to know if the bag you’re considering is really on the lighter end of the scale? (more…)