Packing Cubes: the must-have luggage accessory

packing cubesOne of the easiest ways to stay organized when travelling is to use packing cubes.  Rectangular pouches that come in a variety of sizes and colors, packing cubes can bring serious order to your luggage.  Honestly, this is one of those items in life that you wonder how you did without.

They are a great way to compartmentalize your stuff, and fit neatly inside your luggage, almost like rectangular puzzle pieces.  Made of super-light and washable nylon, packing cubes zip close to ensure everything stays put.  I like the mesh top for 2 reasons: you can see what’s inside and it provides ventilation  (unlike the ziplock bags I’d been using before).

Some of the most useful ways people have put packing cubes to work?

  • Once you arrive at the hotel, simply put the packing cube with all your clothes directly in the dresser drawer in your room.  Not only does everything stay nice and neat, but when it’s time to pack for the return trip home, you can zip up the packing cube and plop it back in your suitcase.  Also reduces the risk that belongings will get left behind.
  • Taking a family vacation?  Choose a different color for each family member.  Kids will have a much easier time of keeping track of their own stuff.
  • Use a small packing cube for must-haves: medications, important documents or jewelry.  Keep it in your carry-on and you’re good to go.
  • My favorite – keep all those pesky power cords, etc. for your computer, tablet, mobile phone and Kindle all in one place.  I can’t tell you how this one tip changed my quality of life.  While you’re at it, throw in extra overseas electrical adapters so you’re never caught without. carries all the top brands, but my favorite is the eBags brand, also available at Amazon.  They’re super-light, but sturdy enough to stand up to repeated washings.  There’s lots of colors to choose from and you can get a 3-pack for under $30.





  1. Found liftnfind clothing trays in the INSTYLE MAGAZINE August edition. Much lighter and quicker to pack and unpack. Great find I wanted to share.

    • Thanks for sharing Mari – will check them out!

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