Packing Cubes: 8 ways to use them

packing cubesOne of the most useful luggage accessories around are  packing cubes.  If you haven’t ever heard of them before, packing cubes are rectangular pouches that allow you to really keep your clothes and other items organized while travelling.  I just love them – my kids each have a set, I’ve given packing cubes as gifts and finally retired all the ziploc bags I used to use to tote things around.

Made of a soft but durable nylon material, packing cubes come in a variety of colors and sizes, and can be mixed and matched to fit neatly into your luggage.  The top is made of mesh which is good for seeing what’s inside, as well as providing ventilation for your items (which the aforementioned ziploc bags do not). They wash up really well and are very light – both necessities.


But what really makes them a good buy are the ways you can use packing cubes to make life a bit easier:

1)  Put all your must-haves like medications and jewelry in a small packing cube and stow it in your carry-on.

2) All those power cords for your devices?  Never again have to frantically fish for them.  Keep your laptop, tablet, mobile phone and Kindle cords together and safe.  Keeping on the same theme, a good place to store replacement batteries or power adapters.

3) All those clothes that need laundering and must be kept separate from your clean clothes?  Yep – a packing cube is perfect for them.

4) Make it easy to put your hands on stuff by storing socks in one color packing cube, workout clothes in a separate color, and so forth.  My mind tends to think this way

5) On the same theme, buy a set of packing cubes in a different color for each child you are travelling with.  Not only does it stop the fighting over what socks belong to whom, but kids are able to stay much more organized while away.

6) This is one of the best reasons to buy packing cubes: don’t unpack them when you get to the hotel;  instead, put them directly into the hotel drawers and retrieve clothes as you need them.  The best part?  Packing to go back home becomes a breeze. And the chances of leaving a stray sock or 2 behind is greatly reduced.

7) Give packing cubes as a gift – they are great for all ages, and all types of travelers form the business warrior to the 7-year old on his way to summer camp.  They’re a great stocking stuffer, too.

8) And lastly, why not really get your moneys worth and use them at home, too.  I mean, what a great way to keep closets, dresser drawers and linen closets organized!

Amazon carries the full lineup of eBags packing cubes, which gets my vote for the best value.  They’re tough, lightweight and come in a bunch of colors.  A set of 3 goes for under $30.

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