My luggage falls over: 5 ways to prevent tipping

luggage falling forwardOne of the most annoying things you can deal with when travelling is luggage that simply won’t stay standing when you let go of the handle – it falls forward.  Luggage that tips over makes your time at the check-in counter, buying that last minute bottle of water or newspaper or standing in line to board so much more stressful than it already is.

What can you do about it?  Here are a few tips:

  • Buy luggage with wide wheel base.  When the wheels on your luggage are not placed at the farthest corners as possible, the bag is going to tip at the slightest imbalance of contents.  Widely-spaced wheels stabilize the luggage and will go a long way to prevent tipping.
  • Pack your stuff over the wheelbase.  Any bag will tip if the contents project out beyond the wheelbase.  This happens a lot when you stow a laptop in a front zippered pocket without balancing the weight internally.
  • Pack the heaviest contents down toward the wheels.  This makes sense,right?  If you make sure your heaviest stuff in packed down low to the ground, it will anchor the luggage and counter-balance the tendency to tip.
  • Similarly, center contents between the wheels.  When your clothes and bag contents are centered, balanced between the wheels it also counteracts the tendency to tip.  I distribute any liquids (which tend to be heavier) evenly throughout the bag and it helps.
  • Purchase bags that are designed specifically to counter-balance the tendency to fall forward.  If this is a big issue for you, there are luggage manufacturers whose collections ‘engineer’ the fall-forward problem out of the design.  One that comes to mind right off the bat is the Victorinox Avolve collection, which visually ‘tips’ back slightly.  If falling forward truly bothers you, invest a little more and buy a bag that the manufacturer has thoughtfully engineered and designed better.

One good thing you can do (and should do if tipping really bugs you) – read about 20 of the latest purchaser reviews on Amazon or eBags for any bag you’re seriously considering buying.  If a piece of luggage has a propensity to tip forward, people will complain about it like mad.  One such collection is the Samsonite Lift collection.  Sorry, Samsonite – but I have never read such angry product reviews!  It must have been a problem specific to that line, because Samsonite’s other collections are fine.