How I Review Luggage

The Luggage Lady is a site I set up with the intention of helping people quickly and efficiently find the right luggage for their needs.  I love to research online, and I’m a copywriter by trade, so it seemed natural to combine the two and create a site that could be provide useful information and save people time.

My reviews are a combination of:

  • the hundreds, if not thousands of online reviews left by consumers who have actually used the luggage products.
  • information from the manufacturer websites; in certain cases when something important isn’t clear, I call the manufacturer for clarification
  • reading other blogs
  • my personal experience;  I purchase every piece of luggage I write a long review on.

In the end, though, the advice I give on The Luggage Lady is my own.  I do my best to ensure accuracy, but you should always do a bit of due diligence yourself before purchasing anything recommended on this website or others.  It’s just common sense these days.

Just a note – the last thing I always do before hitting the big blue publish button on a review is ask myself one final question – “would I recommend this product to my mother?”  That should say it all.