Giving thanks in 2013

Thanksgiving 2013I left town early for the holidays, catching a flight yesterday to spend time with my family in California.  The airport was already filled with people doing the same – families heading home, military folks taking that long-awaited leave and business people that you could tell were beginning a well-deserved vacation week.

Thanksgiving truly is the best US holiday.  Waking up on Thanksgiving morning, there’s a certain peace that envelops you.  The day ahead holds good food, family and friends or maybe a little football;  you can take the dog for a long walk, volunteer serving dinner at a local shelter, or just relax.

It’s a Thursday – a day that would normally be filled with workday ‘busyness’ – where the pause button has been hit.  We have been given permission to stop, be grateful, connect and slow down for a day.

May your Thanksgiving be full of love, laughter and gratitude.

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