eBags TLS Wheeled Duffel Luggage Review

ebags ML 21inch mini (1)I went looking for that ‘go-to’ line of luggage – one that fits most all travel needs, whether for business or pleasure, and the eBags TLS line is what I found.

The eBags TLS (stands for tough-light-smart) luggage can be summed up in one word: versatile.  Actually, let me amend that statement; it can be summed up in two words: versatile and quality.

eBags.com, which is a very popular online retail site for bags of all sorts (including luggage), developed this bag from the aggregation of hundreds and hundreds of luggage user comments and reviews. The result – the TLS line – was created with the best of what travelers liked and appreciated, minus what they disliked and complained about.

Considered solidly in the mid-priced range, the eBags TLS luggage line provides good quality for the price, and lots of useful features, especially important in a carry-on bag (like organization, exterior pockets, lightweight and quality parts/construction).


The eBags TLS – Dependable, All-Purpose Luggage

The vast majority of people want their luggage to be versatile enough for any travel situation, from a 4-day business trip, to a long weekend getaway or whatever life may present.   Luggage should just perform when you need it to, without much thought or fuss.

I added the eBags TLS luggage line to my short list  because they are truly versatile bags that have quality construction, good organization and exterior pockets, a good warranty – plus a sportier look that is still appropriate for most business travel needs.


What type of traveler is the eBags TLS luggage best for?  

ebags ML 21inch mini (4)After reading through hundreds of user reviews, here is a summary of the type of luggage purchasers who seem the most happy with this bag:

–          Quality and dependability are critical factors in your purchasing decision

–          Or, you’ve purchased cheaper luggage in the past that’s fallen apart rather quickly and would like to ‘invest’ in a good luggage that will last.

–          Loves to have a color selection – tired of plain black bags

–          Likes the look and feel of a rolling duffel bag.

–          Looking for quality luggage to give as a gift – to any age.

–          Relies heavily on reputation and the overall positive reviews of other customers

–          Appreciates thoughtful organization, lots of exterior pockets.


Lifetime Repair Warranty

 Although eBags.com is an online luggage retailer that sells many brands, on luggage that carries their name, eBags offers an above-average repair and replacement warranty:

“Our Promise:   Lifetime warranty, exchange or return – whatever it takes (5 years for commercial use). We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase of an eBags-branded product. If you encounter a problem with the product, we want to know about it right away.”

The good thing about checking up on product reviews is that those who’ve had to use them are usually motivated to leave a review about their experience:  either you’re really happy with the treatment received or you’re not.

I combed through close to 1,000 product reviews on the eBags TLS line and found close to a dozen people (about 1%) who had a problem of some sort with the bag; all but one was satisfied with the manner in which eBags resolved their problem (either repair, or replacement).


What I like about eBags TLS luggage:

The following list summarizes a large sampling of the 1000+ consumer reviews on this line of luggage, the vast majority of which were very positive:


ebags ML 21inch mini (7)Good Quality Handle – the eBags TLS mini has a durable recessed, locking telescoping trolley handle which extends to three heights : 45.5″, 42.5″, 40.5″. This can be particularly useful to taller travelers, since you don’t get the heel-kick found on short-handled bags


Quiet – this bag got ‘good grades’ for being a quiet ride, which is really useful when you don’t want to wake the neighbors when leaving for a very early morning flight.


eBags TLS Mini - two of the exterior pocketsGood outside pockets  – if an assortment of outside pockets is important to you, then the eBags TLS is your bag, especially if you are buying a carry-on.    Having a safe, convenient place to stow everything you need while in the terminal, in transit to the rental car office, in a cab or on public transportation is handy.



Attachment straps other carry bags –  a small zippered compartment right up next to the handle holds a tethered attachment strap for your other carry-on items.  I love this feature, because you can zip it away when not in use (so the strap isn’t annoying).  Also, the attachment strap is adjustable – good for really securing your purse or smaller carry-on as you maneuver around.


ebags ML 21inch mini (2)Efficient Use of Packing Space –High marks in the space utilization category from over 90% of reviewers.  Lots of people liked the adjustable Velcro divider.


Good Quality –  the eBags TLS line is designed and constructed well for luggage in the mid-price range.  The materials used are of good quality (a high-quality twisted poly top, hard-shell compression-molded bottom, quality zippers/pulls and sealed ball-bearing wheels, to name a few…).  The bag has a solid look and feel to it, with good stitching on all seams, zippers and straps.  They did a good job on the quality, and indeed, the 1,000+ customer reviews on this bag back that up.


ebags ML 21inch mini (5)A sporty look in many colors – The eBags TLS bags have a sporty look to them – a duffel-like top, and lightweight, durable bottom that gives structure to the bag without added weight. And, if you are the type of person who refuses to buy black luggage, this bag comes in a handful of colors, good for any gender or age group (black, eggplant, a kiwi-type green, turquoise and a deeper blue, depending on where you purchase it).  I like the look of this bag, and take it with me regularly on business trips.  My 20-yr old seems equally as comfortable, borrowing it frequently for weekends away.  Once again, versatility.


What I Don’t Like about this Bag:

Personal preference here, but the following things were negatives in my opinion (you decide for yourself):

  1. eBags branded this bag prominently on the front and again on the molded hard bottom of the bag.  For anyone who doesn’t like labels on their stuff, this will be annoying.
  2. Some reviewers felt that the overabundance of outside pockets was a little too much .  If you’re a true minimalist, you might like the TravelPro or Briggs & Riley bags better…


The bottom line on the eBags Mother Lode TLS bag

The eBags Mother Lode  bag is  versatile all-round luggage that meets the needs of many travelers.  These are quality bags loaded with many features usually found on more expensive bags, making them a very good value.


Best Places Online to buy eBags TLS luggage:

You can get this bag directly from eBags.com or on Amazon.com. I monitor the price on this bag constantly and the 2 sites seem to offer the same price, including free shipping.