This website/blog is not sponsored by any luggage manufacturer or retailer.  As I mentioned before, I have developed this site as a resource for luggage and related products and write my reviews and guides based on the merits of each product; this may be based on other people’s reviews and comments or my own experience with the product or both.

I have not yet ever received a ‘freebie’ from a luggage manufacturer to review.  However, I am truly looking forward to the day when that happens, as purchasing a new piece of luggage every month or so adds up.  If and when I do receive a free sample, I will disclose that fact prominently in the review. Please note that this will not sway my opinion one bit.  Writing something I don’t believe sort of defeats the whole purpose of this blog; it just isn’t gonna happen.

My reviews will often contain affiliate links to products which enable me to subsidize this website/blog based on a small commission I receive from purchases made via that link.  The way I look at it is this;  if I do a good job researching and writing a review that saves you some time and money, you win, the luggage manufacturer wins and I win a little something too.  Sounds fair to me.

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