Packing Cubes: 8 ways to use them

packing cubesOne of the most useful luggage accessories around are  packing cubes.  If you haven’t ever heard of them before, packing cubes are rectangular pouches that allow you to really keep your clothes and other items organized while travelling.  I just love them – my kids each have a set, I’ve given packing cubes as gifts and finally retired all the ziploc bags I used to use to tote things around.

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My luggage falls over: 5 ways to prevent tipping

luggage falling forwardOne of the most annoying things you can deal with when travelling is luggage that simply won’t stay standing when you let go of the handle – it falls forward.  Luggage that tips over makes your time at the check-in counter, buying that last minute bottle of water or newspaper or standing in line to board so much more stressful than it already is.

What can you do about it?  Here are a few tips:

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Packing Cubes: the must-have luggage accessory

packing cubesOne of the easiest ways to stay organized when travelling is to use packing cubes.  Rectangular pouches that come in a variety of sizes and colors, packing cubes can bring serious order to your luggage.  Honestly, this is one of those items in life that you wonder how you did without.

They are a great way to compartmentalize your stuff, and fit neatly inside your luggage, almost like rectangular puzzle pieces.  Made of super-light and washable nylon, packing cubes zip close to ensure everything stays put.  I like the mesh top for 2 reasons: you can see what’s inside and it provides ventilation  (unlike the ziplock bags I’d been using before).

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