Briggs & Riley Luggage review: what makes it unique

bRIGGSrILEY lOGO 248X75Briggs & Riley is a unique sort of luggage company.  These days, it’s hard to find that sense of commitment to be the very best at what you do and bring that passion to serve your customer.  But that’s exactly the sense you get from Briggs & Riley, from the quality of their luggage to their ‘best in the industry’ warranty, and the little innovative touches that just seem to set them apart.

Their luggage is not for everyone, and you get the feeling that they’re totally OK with that. It’s more expensive than most, and their bags have a simple, almost elegant look that trendier buyers may not care for.  Briggs & Riley builds luggage for one type of customer: the customer who wants the best.

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Why I like TravelPro® luggage so much

TravelPro LogoThis blog is all about value;  getting the best quality, most durable,  lightweight luggage for the money.  More often than not, TravelPro® makes luggage that fits that bill.

When I review a piece of luggage, I’m looking for certain things:

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