Giving thanks in 2013

Thanksgiving 2013I left town early for the holidays, catching a flight yesterday to spend time with my family in California.  The airport was already filled with people doing the same – families heading home, military folks taking that long-awaited leave and business people that you could tell were beginning a well-deserved vacation week.

Thanksgiving truly is the best US holiday.  Waking up on Thanksgiving morning, there’s a certain peace that envelops you.  The day ahead holds good food, family and friends or maybe a little football;  you can take the dog for a long walk, volunteer serving dinner at a local shelter, or just relax.

It’s a Thursday – a day that would normally be filled with workday ‘busyness’ – where the pause button has been hit.  We have been given permission to stop, be grateful, connect and slow down for a day.

May your Thanksgiving be full of love, laughter and gratitude.

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14 luggage and travel accessories that make great gifts

When you travel, it’s often the little things that make the biggest difference in comfort and convenience.  If you’re looking to send a gift, luggage and travel accessories are always welcome, and seem to be appreciated by all ages, from teens to seniors.

I’ve pulled together a list of some favorites, but it is by no means complete, so if you have a travel or luggage accessory you like, leave a comment and I’ll be sure to update the list for all to see:

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The TSA’s PreCheck Program is worth considering

TSA security linesThe TSA’s PreCheck program considerably speeds up the security check process at the airport, and is worth looking into if you are a frequent traveler, perennially late for your flights or just flat out hate airport security lines.

Initially rolled out via the major airline frequent flyer membership rolls, the TSA is expanding the program to all eligible US citizens by way of their US Customs and Border Protection Trusted Traveler program.  Here’s the link for that application process.

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Enjoy your Labor Day

The Luggage Lady wishes a Happy Labor DayToday is Labor Day here in the US – a day that traditionally marks the end of the summer season.  I always loved it more because it marked the beginning of fall,  a new school year, cooler weather, new thoughts and new possibilities.

But mostly,  I’ve always liked the idea of a day dedicated to the hard work that has built this wonderful country – the creativity, promise, opportunity and hope.

Happy Labor Day, America – put your feet up and relax a bit, enjoy the day – you deserve it!

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