The Best Luggage Brands

The best luggage brands are a combination of excellent quality, great design and useful features, sold at a fair price.  Great luggage brands also receive lots of love from loyal users!   Here are some of the best, in my opinion:


TravelPro LuggageTravelPro Luggage

Overall: One of the best all-round luggage values, providing excellent quality and good features.  Long-standing reputation built by loyal, repeat buyers.

Noteworthy: A go-to brand for flight crews

Good for:  Business and frequent travelers, vacationers, families – really anyone ready to make an investment in luggage that lasts.  Simple, classic but current look to the bags.

Price Range:  depending on the collection, can range from just under$100 for a carry-on to around $400 for the largest bag

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bRIGGSrILEY lOGO 248X75Briggs & Riley Luggage

Overall: Well-known for extreme quality and craftsmanship, innovative design, lifetime warranty(even when the airlines damage the bag!) and classic good looks.

Noteworthy:  Briggs & Riley pays exceptional attention to what their customers like and don’t like, updating the functionality of the bags accordingly.

Good For: The discerning buyer who wants to invest in the best,  or would like to gift the best.  Classic, minimalist in appearance – not trendy-looking bags.  A favorite of business travelers who want the best quality and leisure travelers looking to buy their ‘last piece of luggage -ever’

Price Range:  $200 to up to the $500-ish range (expensive but worth it if you factor in the lifetime warranty)

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Samsonite Logo 235x77Samsonite Luggage

Overall:  Well-known manufacturer.  Wide range of quality and price – premium collections provide excellent value. Known for their hardside bags.

Good For:  Anyone, really – depends on the line purchased.  Lower-end bags widely available at department/big box and outlet stores. 

Noteworthy: One of their earliest suitcases was named ‘Samson’ after the biblical strongman and the name Samsonite was trademarked in 1941

Price Range:  $80 – $300, depending on size and line

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