About The Luggage Lady

About The Luggage Lady

I’m Stephanie LoCicero – marketing professional & writer by day, blogger by night, mom of 2 great young adults, avid dog lover and impatient optimist.

When I went looking to buy new luggage myself, what I found surprised me.  A relentless researcher, I was a bit intimidated (and frustrated) by the huge amount of information I found.  So many luggage brands, so many choices.  But no one summarized it all, or helped me to understand what was important to know to make the right purchase for my needs.

So, I took all my research, signed up for every bit of information I could find about all the major luggage retailers and manufacturers, read a gazillion online reviews from happy and not-so-happy luggage purchasers, made my lists and started to write.

Today, all that research has a home – this blog.

I hope you find it clean, easy-to-read, informative, thorough and entertaining.

Mostly, I hope you find the perfect luggage…