14 luggage and travel accessories that make great gifts

When you travel, it’s often the little things that make the biggest difference in comfort and convenience.  If you’re looking to send a gift, luggage and travel accessories are always welcome, and seem to be appreciated by all ages, from teens to seniors.

I’ve pulled together a list of some favorites, but it is by no means complete, so if you have a travel or luggage accessory you like, leave a comment and I’ll be sure to update the list for all to see:

packing cubes1) eBags Packing Cubes – lightweight, mesh-topped and zippered, these rectangular pouches come in all sizes. If there is only one accessory you can afford, make it packing cubes.  See my blog post, or head right over to Amazon to check them out.

2) Travelon Anti-Theft Travel Bags – if you’re site-seeing or touring (overseas especially), these bags are designed especially to keep valuables close and foil theft attempts.  Great pockets that zip, interior light, no-cut strap, hundreds of good reviews and comfortable design make them a good choice.  Here’s the selection.

AirTamer Purifier3) Airtamer Ionic Travel Air Purifier – for those who seriously require fresh air in their breathing space at all times, this is a good investment.  Perfect for long flights, close rooms, etc.  Can clip on, wear around your neck, is quiet and long-lasting. Will cost you $79-85, but worth it if clean air is important.  Amazon had the best price.

4) A Good Boarding Pass/ID Holder – when my son was younger and traveled to visit family by himself, I’d hang one of these around his neck to make sure nothing got lost.  Now that he’s grown, I use it.  I just love knowing where everything is.  A nice gift for travelling grandparents.

Travellon Bag Bungee5) Luggage Strap – a good, inexpensive contraption that attaches a smaller bags to a rolling suitcase.  Takes care of the top bag falling off the rolling bag – so annoying!  Perfect if you have long stops in the airport or need to walk distances with a rolling bag and a carry-on that’s too heavy to tote around.  Inexpensive and worth checking out.

6) Portable Luggage Scale – this is one item that will pay for itself right away considering the baggage fees for going over the weight limit.  There are many good ones, ranging in price from $7-20+, so check it out.

BUILT Gourmet Getaway7) Built Gourmet Getaway – more and more, travelers are carrying their meals onboard.  This adorable lunch tote keeps items cool for up to 4 hours, is machine washable and folds flat for storage.  I love these lunch totes!

8) Magellan’s awesome travel jewelry pouch – Zippered jewelry bags are a dime-a-dozen, but this one stands out.  Individual snapped pockets for earrings, a ring holder and separate places for necklaces/bracelets make this pouch my favorite.  I use it at home and just  keep my most-worn items in it all the time.  Take a look.

Travelsmith Luggage Hugger9) Travelsmith Luggage Hugger – a stretchy nylon band that hugs your bag and makes it soooo easy to identify – comes in several bright colors/patterns – also protects any outside bag hardware.  Learn more.

10) TSA locks – everyone needs a good TSA-accessible lock for their checked baggage, and here’s a link to Amazon’s selection…

11) ZEMgear travel slippers – much softer than shoes and more protective than socks, these unisex slippers hug your feet and are comfy for the plane or good for those of you that absolutely will not go barefoot in a hotel!  They get great reviews from users – read more.

12) Silk Travel Sheets – if you have a sensitivity to detergents, a dust mite allergy or are just plain ‘skeeved out’ by sleeping on other people’s bed linens, travel sheets are for you.  Silk travel sheets are soft, have a pillow pocket, are machine washable and lightweight.  Go with the larger size if you tend to toss and turn.  A word of caution if you sweat at night; go for the cotton version.

13) Travel Sleep Masks – a must for anyone taking the red-eye, sleep masks can make all the difference .  My advice is to go low price on this item until you know which one works best for you.  Here’s a good selection.

14) Noise-Cancelling Headphones – another must for anyone that needs to shut the world out mid-flight (of course, good for home, too). Here’s a variety of price ranges to suit most budgets on Amazon.

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